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Posted by amanda ( on :21:55:28 17/11/02

I'm writing my dissertation on EMF and was wondering if anyone can help me. There's this forster quote that I remember reading about character or incidents or something coming from theme but I can't seem to find it and I can't remember the exact wording. I'd be really grateful if anyone could help me. Thanks

Aspects of the Novel

Posted by Laura (board editor) on 15:16:10 28/11/02

Hello Amanda,

It seems that your best chance of finding what you're looking for would be in 'Aspects of the Novel' - which is fortunately a rather small book. I will also take a look when I have the time and get back to you if anything seems close to what you say. It would seem that, being such a basic remark, it should be in the first or second chapter of 'Aspects of the Novel'. Good luck,
Best, Laura


Posted by Brianna ( on :00:18:25 28/01/03

Hey what is the name of the italian man in the book Aspects of the novel and where can i find it on this website??
i checked in all the places possible but none of them say the name of him and i am tryin to win cyber surfari soo please if u see this and u kno where to find it or u at least kno i would greatly appreciate it



Posted by Laura (board editor) on 13:50:55 01/02/03

Hi Brianna,

Are you quite sure the title, 'Aspects of the Novel', is quite correct? It seems highly unlikely that they would ask for an 'Italian man' from that book. One would expect such a question about one of the Italian novels, rather.

Good luck, anyway.

aspect of the novel book

Posted by sherine ( on 11:20:53 27/05/03

i need to know about the flat and the round characters in this novel

essay "aspects of the novel"

Posted by subhi ( on :15:00:05 27/09/03

Could you give a summary of the aspects discussed in his essay"aspects of the novel"

RE: Essay "Aspects of the Novel"

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 10:07:33 28/09/03

There are some summaries out there in the libraries. For the first overview, you should consult the List of Contents in your edition (and the index). The chapters have tale-telling names (The conclusions chapter isn't really helpful though).

Then there are a number of narratological books of which some of them also comprise Forster's Aspects. At this website you can find an article about the significance of Forster's _Aspects of the Novel_ in contrast to David Lodge's modell. (cf. URL)


Posted by sreehari e.s ( on 18:21:35 09/12/03

I want good views about allegory 'Other side of the hedge.

7 aspects of novel

Posted by UZMA JABIN ( on 15:09:48 10/03/04

send me within 2 days

send me aspect of novel

Posted by krnminhas@yahoo.com ( on :04:57:04 03/03/05

i hav a problem in writting assignment on aspects of novel

summary of the novel

Posted by washima ( on 16:57:56 01/04/05

i,would so much appreciate if you could send or e-mail me the the summary of E.M.Forster's Aspects the Novel, of not more than three paragragh per chapter.


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