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Forster's Views of German Culture

Posted by Julie ( on 14:56:50 08/11/02

In Howard's End, Forster admires German civilization, its humanism, in contrast to middle class British values. Did he write anything post-WWI or II to affirm or disclaim this admiration?

German culture

Posted by Laura (board editor) on 14:37:42 11/11/02

I'm not sure if I quite agree with Forster's actually EXPLICITLY juxtaposing German and English culture in 'Howards End'. Maybe you can give a few examples (e.g. chapter numbers/quotes)?

During WWII Forster was put on a death list by the Nazis, because he expressed views that were critical of the Nazi's attitude, e.g. towards culture. He deeply regretted the censure. Some instances of his opinions can be found in the three BBC radio broadcasts that have been published in the book 'Two Cheers for Democracy'. But Forster was much too broad-minded to blame the actions of an army in the hands of one group on a whole people: he puts forward that the war started in Germany itself, with the killing of thousands of innocent people. He clearly regretted what had happened to Germany.

I hope someone else might know of some other sources for you.

What might also interest you is that Forster owned some books in the German language; some of his own titles, but also a few books by Von Schiller.

German Influence.

Posted by Antonio Arch ( on 06:01:42 06/10/04

It's been a while, but there is a conversation between Aunt Juley Munt and Charles Wilcox about her were wonderful neices. She assures him that they (and Tibby/Theobold) are as English as could be despite a German father.

Later Helen tells Ruth Wilcox that her father was a unique man and a unique German. I interpret the conversation to mean that he laid down his sword as a gesture of pacifism.


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