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"The Other Side of the Hedge"

Posted by Luke ( on 01:16:18 01/05/02

I am interested in any interpretations of this story. I know it has to do with life, death, and afterlife but I can't find enough information about the particular symbols and metaphors Forster uses. I am also looking for perticular religious referances. Do the gates represent the gates of horn and ivory? Who is the tour guide and why does he shut the gates? Who is the man with the scythe? If you are able to help me please email me your ideas as soon as possible. Thanks

Hedge Essay

Posted by Amanda D. ( on 01:40:08 16/08/02

Well, I'm trying to write a paper on this, so I'll help you as best I can. I myself don't completly understand it yet. The man with the scythe is the Travaller's brother. The last line states "and, as he did so, i saw he was my brother." The tour guide, i belive, is either one of two things; Death incarnate or a representation of God. I side with the latter theory of mine moreso, because there are a few things in the story that hint at this, such as the part where the traveler is enraged that the tourguide talked to him "as if I were a child." I think it's a whole He's the father and the Travaller is a lost child of God thing. As for the gates, i think it's life and death we come in one and leave the other. i dunno. That's my theories anyway. E-mail me if you have any furhter insight, you may be able to help me.

the gates

Posted by Prenny ( on 19:50:11 07/12/04

I agree with the theory that the Tour guide is in fact a figure repreesnting God. The gates however are to only be once and no one is to enter or exit through them. So i believe when the ivory gates were used that one time and humanity left that is when all man kind was created, and the road is life and that is were the road starts and it leads the the horn gate where the road ends. So when the horn gate is used its one time that will be the end of all human esitance in the world but evey one will be in the garden at that time. If you have any thoughts on tihs or any other comments about my thoughts please email me at Nictige65@aol.com because I am trying to write a paper on this story.

the road and the hedge wat does it symbolize

Posted by jennifer ( on 02:53:15 14/11/05

whats the symbolic meaning of the road and the hedge

Hedge and road

Posted by Rain ( on 02:26:30 06/01/06

I think the road symbolizes the path that people take. I'm not sure about the hedge, because if it symbolizes Heaven, it's kidn of ironic how the Traveler feels that it's like a prison there.
I wonder if Miss Eliza Dimbleby is dead, because the Traveler saw her. I don't really understand the ending, does that mean the Traveler is dead?

i need some help

Posted by srtaky ( on 05:42:30 08/11/06

hi everyone
i need to write a research paper on the story the other side of the hedge
i was wondering if any of you could help me with that. the thing is i am a foreigner and the language is a little tough for me i need to compare the themes that E.M. Forester uses in his stories
such as the death etc.
if anyone would like to help me please contact me at adinna@gmail.com
thanks in advance to all of you who helps and who does not :)

General Interpretations

Posted by Matthew H ( on :16:18:07 16/05/07

Road=life and the difficulties people face. Hedges=borderline between life and death. The other place is Purgatory. Why isnt it heaven, you ask. Because it mentioned that the main character only cared for himself unlike his brother. His brother, a good person who should be in Heaven, isn't because he tries to teach his bro (the main character) to help other people. It's also Purgatory because the man with the scythe is an agent of the Devil, the Grim Reaper. Why isn't he in Hell, you ask? My best guess is that because like everyone else, he wisened up and learned his lesson over time. I don't know what the drink represents, however. Peace out, wurd 2 big burd.


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