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Forster and Music

Posted by Zumi ( on :14:39:55 17/02/06

If anyone knows about the relationship between Forster and music, please let me know. What do you think about the relationship between him and music? What does music means in his works? I appreciate your opinions. Thank you.

Art for Art's sake

Posted by Paul Benvenuto ( on 20:46:00 22/02/06

I just read Art for Art's sake by E.M. Forester. I am not really sure what the essay was referring to. Can anyone explain it?

Re: Art for Art's Sake

Posted by Zumi ( on :16:23:51 28/02/06

In the essay, I think that Forster would like to say that "art" is important as well as other categories because "art" is born from inside of human and also "art" shows us "inside of human" as a shape. So, if we see "art" in the life, we also see "unseen" things inside of ourselves. That is why "art" is important for us and "art" is one of things which has an order in this world. "Art" reflects people's mind which we usually can't see easily. "Art" seems to be useless in our daily life, but "art" has very important role in the world. Please just think why we would like to have a painting at home, why we would like to listen to music, and why we would like to draw pictures. We are doing these kind of things without consciousness, but we are seeking for "art" with unconsciousness. I hope this helps you to understand the essay.

Going to India

Posted by Tamra ( on :09:14:59 13/03/06

I just finished reading "A Passage for the 3rd time; what exquisite writing. I'm finally going to India as I've always wanted to do, since the first time I read his work.

Beethoven's Opus 3

Posted by Michaela ( on 09:36:38 18/11/06

Does anyone know which, if any, of Beethoven's piano pieces Lucy is playing in Chapter 3 of A Room With A View? I think Op. 3 is actually a string trio. Maybe this is old news to some folks, but I just figured this out. Anyone know what's going on?

Music in Howards End

Posted by Rai ( on :22:57:15 10/07/07

I don't know about the rest of the novels, but in Howards End, music provides an ongoing recurrent theme within in the novel. I think it is around chapters 5 or 7 when the Schlegels go to the concert and meet Leonard Bast and the orchestra are playing Beethoven's 3rd symphony and Helen describes it as goblins running over the universe quietly. This is reference to the quiet rise of materialism and greed as it takes over all of man's best qualities and it is because Helen sees this that walks out of the recital. However, the goblins pop up all over the book if you only look with a fresh eye to see them. Forster was trying to make major comments on society and i believe that as shown here, music had a pull on him or on the people that he believed were most in touch with their feelings i.e. the Schlegels and it could be used to signify the 'unseen' - the intangible qualities of life that bowl us over. I hope this has helped you somewhat Zumi but as a person who wanted the world to change and acknowledge his feelings - personal and broader, i think that he just found this further through music and this was an additional way to convey what he felt - via imagery and the supposed feelings of musicians like Beethoven.

Forster in Africa

Posted by stephen amiel ( on 15:11:14 25/03/08

I have a watercolour of an African village scene: it's signed 'E.M. Forster'. Does anyone know if Forster painted? I know he travelled to Africa in 1929 but otherwise have no evidence that this is his work.

Opus 3

Posted by Anonymous Student ( on :16:51:30 18/04/09

Are we sure it's Opus 3 as in Opus 3 as opposed to Opus 111?

Opus 111

Posted by Will Walden ( on 01:22:25 26/05/09

I think I'm agreeing with the last post. The qualities of the Sonata No. 32, Opus 111 seem to match the description of Mr. Beebe and the reaction of the unnamed vicar. I am, however, a bit hesitant to state this unequivocally. It does appear to be a roman numeral three (III) in the text. Confusing...


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