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Room with... 4 new pages... HELP plz

Posted by Marisa ( on 20:00:38 25/01/06


I have to do an essay about room with a view, for my english class, and my teacher told me to give a big importance to the new ending of the book. It seems Forster some years later wrote 4 new pages for room with a view, at least in penguin's edition since that it's the one my teacher have.

Could you please tell me if you know anything about this?? I really need to read those 4 new pages for my work and I can't find it anywhere on the web since all the ebooks end at the Chap. XX :((


A View Without a Room

Posted by Laura (board editor) on 16:22:41 26/01/06

Hello Marisa,

It seems that your teacher is refering to A View Without a Room. This was written years after A Room with a View, it was published first in a newspaper in the 1950s (1957 I believe). It is really NOT a new ending, it is a tongue-in-cheeck sequel (as the title already suggests a little). It was published as a separate booklet decades afterwards, on handmade Italian paper, but this edition is very expensive as well as very hard to obtain. So it seems that all you could do is to try and find the Penguin that contains A View Without a Room, or to contact your teacher and ask permission to photocopy the supplement in his/her Penguin edition. Since it's so hard to obtain that seems only reasonable. However, if you don't succeed at that do feel free to post another message. I will check the Board again soon, and could give you a short summary of the piece and a few quotes perhaps.

But really, it is NOT a new ending, unlike Maurice, where Forster really did supply (among a lot of other editing, since he had the manuscript for decades and it was published posthumously) a different ending at a certain point. In this case, a happy ending, thereby defying the publication laws of the time Maurice was first written. But although Forster did have several drafts of A Room With a View (see The Lucy Novels*, a beautiful Abinger Edition - this book does NOT contain A View Without a Room either), there is not really a four-page difference, rather distinct storylines.

Good luck and do let me know if you have problems copying the Penguin supplement.

Regards, Laura

* This book was used alongside A Room With a View for the script of the film by great writer Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.

RE: A View without a Room

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 19:43:33 28/01/06

Dear Marisa, dear Laura,

I think, the text was published in the New York Times Book Review of 27th July 1958 (also in the Observer--but I don't know the date).

However, Laura, do you know where I can find the different ending of Maurice? I know that EMF busted his balls composing the ending of Maurice (people complained that the ending was to optimistic, but Forster didn't want to have a realistic ending ... ... ... .).

Best wishes,


Maurice or Paul??

Posted by D. Reager ( on :15:10:18 17/02/08

Hello. I'm looking online to find an answer to my question RE the movie MAURICE. The main character is referred to as Paul and then as Maurice. Why the switch?

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

ending of Maurice

Posted by Don ( on :09:08:31 08/05/08

I have heard some people discuss the ending of the film 'Maurice' as follows:
After Scudder has kisssed Maurice, he turns and his lips seem more than usually wet after the kiss. Some say that he is foaming at the mouth and has taken poison because he thought that Maurice would not come to him in the boathouse. Thus he says to Maurice: "It's all over now". Maurice kisses him again, and Scudder says "Now we will be together forever (sic)". Was this a suicide pact? cf Romeo Juliet refernce?
What do other think?

A Room Without a View

Posted by Lelde ( on 18:27:32 02/04/10


I'm writing my annual paper on E.M. Forster, where I also discuss the film versions of his novels. My question concerns the version of 2007 for "A Room With a View". In thsi version George has died in warfare. Does Forster himself suggest such an ending to the love affair in the article "A Viev Without a Room"?

Looking forward to Your reply,


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