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the repetition of 'ideas' in 'machine stops'

Posted by fatima ( on :14:41:13 28/07/04

i reaaly need someboody's help in making me understand why did Forster repeat the word 'idea' so many times..........i know it is to do with symbolism but what does it actually symbolises?
i'll give u an example......"cover the windows please, these mountains give me no ideas"....now what are actually these 'ideas'
i really need help on this...

ideas on ideas

Posted by trilobyte ( on :04:36:39 30/07/04

Idont believe this word "symbolizes" anything. It encompasses the act of thinking and the world of art and ideas was the most important subject matter among cultured people of Forster's youth. Comparisons between music and visual art were made frequently by Forster. The natural world, landscapes, were used as a primary source for poetry, art, music and philosophy. Ideas were just that: ideas. Perhaps we've lost that intensity of feeling the Victorians had about viewing a landscape.

re:ideas on ideas

Posted by fatima ( on :19:09:33 04/09/04

so wht u're trying to say is that the only reason you see why Forster repeatedly mentioned 'ideas' was to show us that people of that time didn't make 'nature' their centre of attention.
but don't u think the word has a rather deep meaning than just that it were 'ideas on ideas'. i mean what i see is that the repetition of this word gives us a glimse of the future; of mankind's nature (personality) and its Preferences. humans of that time found themselves comfortable, relying on the destorted form of nature. what i mean from that is that they were more inclined to think of 'second-hand ideas'. in other words they'd moved away from originality and from nature itself.
but i think i myslef will conclude that that these 'ideas' were only 'ideas', but whn asked WHAT type of ideas...i'd say the ides which parted humans away from nature...


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