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The Story of a Panic

Posted by Courtney ( on 06:10:57 13/01/04

I am having trouble finding the themes and allusions in "The Story of a Panic." Can anyone help me out? I would greatly appreciate it! THANK YOU!

Story of a Panic

Posted by David Spanswick ( on 11:20:01 08/02/04

consider the closeted nature of Forster's sexuality, the chaos that would have ensued had he acted upon this at the time of writing this story. consider the imagery of lust and decadence and compare it with the sexual confusion in the Marabar caves in Passage to India

Story of a Panic

Posted by Alan Baer ( on 17:54:27 12/02/04

The title, and indeed the entire story, is connected to the god, Pan. There are several pointed references in the text. Look at them carefully and ask yourself:

What is the nature of Pan's personality?
Juxtapose Pan's nature to that of the characters in this story.
What happened to Eustace after the zephyr?
How does Pan fit in here?

Was the zephyr/change in Eustace's personality an act of the Dark One, as suggested by Mr. Sandbach?
What is the Christian depiction of the Dark One?
Is that depiction similar to that of Pan?
What are the connections?

Just some ideas for you to look into.
Hope it helps.
Sorry if not.

Story of a Panic

Posted by *** deleted *** on 23:51:59 13/09/05

*** deleted ***

A Story Of Panic

Posted by The Rabster ( on :12:26:01 03/01/06

In the story it is hinted at that Pan actually visited Eustace while everybody else was running away.This is done with the hooves in the ground, the lizard crawling away etc and we
know it is pan becuase of the conversations they have and
it is hinted at in the title.
Eustaces changes are meant
to be him becoming in touch
with nature. Gennaro (the servant) diea at the end trying to release eustace into th wild
because he understnds him
as he was also touched by

Story Of A Panic

Posted by Peter Pan ( on :21:33:42 08/11/06

You know more themes? More aspects icould write about? Or do you know, where i can find more information about that short story? Maybe even whole essays?

story of a panic

Posted by ed daniels ( on :00:50:11 07/02/10

Surely at least a sub-theme is the inability, as Forster, saw it, for the English to understand the naturalness of Italians. Much the same idea permeates "Where Angels Fear to Tread," written around the same time.


Posted by faizal ( on 07:43:07 24/07/10

i want em foster short story
stry of panic

Extraverts &introverts

Posted by Camella ( on :22:55:28 28/08/10

How and why did the extraverts and introverts panic in his story.


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