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"My Wood"

Posted by Zuly ( on :01:12:48 17/12/03

What are Foster's attitudes toward owning this property and analysis on how he creates this attitude through such rhetorical and stylistic devices such as word choice, manipulation of sentences, and Biblical allusions.

My Wood

Posted by Lacey ( on :18:21:36 22/03/04

Does any one know What point does Foster make indirectly in his discussion about the bird in paragraph 4?

my wood

Posted by Porky ( on :19:15:40 09/12/04

He is saying that just because you own property doesn't mean everything on the property is necessarily yours. Also he is saying that owning property makes people greedy so that they keep wanting more and nothing is ever sufficient.

my wood

Posted by Job ( on 19:50:25 13/06/05

I am afraid your words a liitle bit vague, and oversimplified. Would you like to explain your idea with specific examples?

my wood

Posted by chinphia ( on 14:23:53 03/01/06

I need the comments on My Wood

My WooD

Posted by samra ( on :21:36:55 15/06/06

its is all about owning property and its effects. if you own property, first of all it makes you greedy and guttonous. secondly, you want more and more till you achieve the unachievable. thridly,you wants to make show off of your property just to make sure your possesion, forthly, you becomes so selfish in possesion that you can't benefit anyone else yourself.


Posted by confused ( on :23:58:10 21/01/07

so lost in this passage...how m i gna do my in class?? lolz

"My Wood"

Posted by LaChanda ( on :06:05:27 11/04/07

In Reply to Lacey's Question:

Forster uses the bird to symbolize his desire of owning more land. At first he hears the noise and it annoys him, representing the thought of owning the land. Second, he catches sight of the bird and its landing on Mrs. Henessy's part of land which is a sign for his need to complete his property although he cannot afford to do so.

-my guess but hope this helps :)


Posted by sajini ( on :14:52:26 04/09/07

why does he say that property, enjoyment and creativity make a sinister trinity in the mind?


Posted by sf ( on :10:22:03 08/01/08

Why property produces men of weight?


Posted by 'nette ( on :05:51:03 16/05/08

men of weight is referring to men of self-importance. therefore the more property one has the more important one considers oneself.
-just my opinion

My Wood and Frankenstein

Posted by Meghan ( on :01:45:47 18/02/09

How does this story relate to Frankenstein

Hi Meghan

Posted by Ben ( on :08:58:36 24/02/09

Eng 1010? =D

My Wood

Posted by Teach ( on :07:07:29 10/04/09

E.M. Forster wrote a book called "Passage to India" before he wrote this essay. As in all of Forster's novels, it shows a struggle of classes, wealth vs. poverty, as well as the quest to achieve self- actualization. Forster was an existentialist and tied many of his allusions to nature.


Posted by Morgan ( on :21:55:50 06/12/09

What does Forster claim humans accept as a substitute for creation and enjoyment? And why does he claim that this substitution is problematic?


Posted by muhammad waqas ( on 18:20:21 26/05/11

i m not getting this essay it is include in my course there are alot of symbolim in this essay


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