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Help!!! Themes and websites for The Machine Stops!!!

Posted by Meghan ( on 00:16:51 26/10/03

HELP!!! What are the major themes of the short story, The Machine Stops??? Or what is a good website to find them on?

EM Foster's The Machine Stops

Posted by Ayashi ( on 01:41:43 27/12/03

"The Machine Stops" can be read at different levels, and remember that it was a reaction to H. G. Wells's "When the Sleeper Wakes." The vague theme of the story can be seen as: technology does not necessarily mean human progress. The story also reflects Foster's fears of the impact of technology on the individual. Three points Foster wanted to show, which are related to technology's intervention/mediation are: 1) man's relationship to his fellow man, 2) man's relationship to nature 3) and autonomous (independent) technology. All of this ties in with how man made the Machine as his false idol/god, his lost of originality and how everything is mediated by technology in general.

I really hope that helped =D

"The machine stops" by E.M.Foster

Posted by jaya ( on 16:39:18 15/03/04

What is the plot synosis for the machine stops it should be be brief but not too brief?

why did forster write 'The machine stops'?

Posted by fatima ( on :14:32:05 28/07/04

i need to know WHY FORSTER wrote this story....what were the reasons?........i personally think tht he was warning humans....


Posted by k ( on :21:12:18 19/09/04

why did Forster write this story?
And what is the purpose of repeated "ideas"???


Posted by redblackandgreen ( on 06:57:22 19/06/05

he wrote it because he knew you'd have to do homework one day and use a machine to help you

4 roles it plays

Posted by Micki ( on :16:49:58 06/09/05

dependance: being unable to function without technology. Reversal; the machine has become the master rather than a servant. delusion the misguided confidence that technology is perfect, like greek tradgedy plays they all have an important flaw the machines is its not perfect. Worship and faith a new spritual dimension to technology-religion it specualates religion may die all together as there s no image of god it has a n impact on life, i hope this helps anyone and if they've got helpful info please send it in:)

The Machine Stops

Posted by Hanna ( on 02:41:54 04/10/06

What does this story have to do with the topic abuse? Technology abuse???

machine stops question

Posted by courtney ( on :06:29:32 05/10/06

What is the Mending apparatus and why does it appear in the shape of a worm (symbolism)?

technology abuse

Posted by courtney ( on :06:35:59 05/10/06

Technology is no longer used to go out and seek what they desire; with the machine, what they desire is brought to them. It has evolved so much that people forget that it was man who made this technology, and now worship it as a religion. All people do all day is use technology to communicate with others, a relation they seek but don't realize. From this, man is now weak and small. The lives of these inhabitants of this world are completly reliant on this technology.

(I hope that answers the question!??)

tech abuse cont.

Posted by courtney ( on :07:12:17 05/10/06

more on tech. abuse- war. nuclear power. and its affects, ie the Cold War, and preseent day fighting. new guns and weapons.

effects to relationships

Posted by nessa ( on 22:24:06 06/05/08

what are the effects to relationships in machine stops?

the machine stops by em forster

Posted by mimi ( on :03:26:00 28/05/08

what is the theme of the machine stops?

theme of the machine stops

Posted by John ( on :02:42:16 08/11/08

There are many themes, but the main theme, simply put, is that technology will make us lose our connection with each other. That is why Vashti knowns many people but no one at the same time, and that is why the end is so emotinal after the machine is destroyed...

can u help me?

Posted by student ( on :04:12:17 29/09/09

please, can someone tell me where can i download the movie?
thank you

funny stuff

Posted by student ( on :02:47:28 08/12/09

its funny because in my school we have to do a response to this book as a grade 9 winter exam :P


Posted by :P ( on :00:39:18 09/12/09

ya we have to do it to :P
i dont get what we have to write tho


Posted by :P ( on :01:05:52 09/12/09

ya we have to do it to :P
i dont get what we have to write tho


Posted by :P ( on :03:08:36 09/12/09

ya we have to do it to :P
i dont get what we have to write tho


Posted by sydney ( on :22:39:25 06/03/11

The irony in this conversation is that WE, the people who are making these posts, have never met each other, and could be thousands of miles away from one another, and yet are communicating via the internet (about the dangers of the internet). This is the beginning of the Technological Age, which is was what Forster is trying to warn us about in this essay.

Re: Irony

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 10:11:27 07/03/11

Plus, and this is beyond Forster, one can neither be sure how many of us are really communicating* and what** nor if all of us are real humans.***

* Have some topic to talk/read about and are addressing or being addressed by some other participant. (Vandalism.) Sorry about my old-fashioned communication model.

** There are some spammers here. They are addressing the other readers, but have an entirely different message and agenda.

*** Some of them seem to be bots. Some of the people who ask questions about Forster seem to be bots, too. ;-)


Posted by Pedro Sousa ( on :01:17:49 16/06/11

Here is visible the big problem of education nowadays. Students, instead of reading "The Machine Stops",they read some previously made analysis and state that study as their own opinion about the work in study. Next time just spend some minutes (in the case of EM Foster's publication is even more ridiculous, as it is a Short Story) reading the story itself and use your brain in order to discover what Foster wrote and meant.

Re: Observation

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 11:32:09 16/06/11

But it should be fairly easy to make students read and think about a story like this. The teacher can check if they've read it, and he can ask them to use their opinion. To discuss it, vindicate it, etc., ... I have the impression that teachers--being unaware of the way students think and study--often fail though. :-(


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