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Could use a little direction.

Posted by Katie Davis ( on 00:29:23 14/10/03

Hey ya'll. OK, I chose to write a research paper on A Room With A View. I am trying to write a thesis statement, but it seems I keep ending up at a dead end. If anyone has any ideas for a paper and care to share, I will love you forever! You'll be my new hero. I am so lost and could use some help and direction. Thanks so much! Have a great day.


Posted by Laura (board editor) on 12:30:28 17/10/03

Hi Katie,

Some random ideas that might help you find a subject:

* The awakening of Lucy through the influence of Italy (this includes the country and the landscape but also the driver leading Lucy to George instead of Mr Beebe when she asks in her pidgin-Italian to be lead to the 'good men')

* The love of Cecil versus the love of George as two different ways of dealing with life: through appearances and through the heart

* The character and development of Charlotte, starting from what George says about her to Lucy at the end of the novel (when they are on their honeymoon, the quote about her having subconsciously intended the match).

You might like to try and find the booklet 'A View without a Room' to read Forster's tongue-in-cheek account of what happened to the characters afterwards. It's also been printed as an article in - I believe - an American paper. Your local library might be able to help you find it. If you cannot find it just let me know and I can give you some quotes. Good luck!

Best wishes, Laura


Posted by Katie Davis ( on :21:53:44 19/11/03

Hey Laura. Thanks bunches. I talked with my lit teacher, and I decided to reflect the differenes in George and Cecil. I'm not sure when you replied...i guess that tells you how often i check this thing. My research paper is due Tuesday...wish my good luck. Thanks again.


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