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"What I Believe"

Posted by jane Sumner ( on 20:07:09 05/03/03

I have beent trying to find where this essay appears, and in what year it was published and who published. I am wanting to cite something from this essay and need the reference, please

"What I Believe"

Posted by Carlos ( on 19:05:31 06/03/03

I have a college textbook that is a compilation of several essays' while I do not have it handy now if you would like to email me @ cvazquez0@sm.ivc.edu I could provide you with that cite. It is not the original publish date, but it might do in a pinch.

"What I Believe"

Posted by Sarah ( on 19:45:23 06/03/03

The name of the book Carlos is referring to is called "Essays in Context" by Sandra Fehl Tropp and Ann Pierson D'Angelo.

I also have a question though, i'm doing an analytical essay on "what i believe" and was wondering if anyone knows a good thesis or argument to make from it. Like wat is Forster trying to prove?


Posted by Laura (board editor) on 17:23:13 10/03/03

Hi Jane,

The first appearance in book form of the essay 'What I Believe' was in Two Cheers for Democracy, (London: Edward Arnold, 1951; the first US edition dates from the same year, but I'm not sure about the publisher). It's the first essay in the book. Hope this helps!


What I Believe

Posted by steph ( on :16:54:14 15/03/05

E. M. Forster. What I Believe. London: Hogarth Press, 1939.

What I Believe

Posted by Marissa ( on :04:00:43 07/10/09

Can anyone tell me the main idea I've read this and it's unclear to me..please help :)

what i believe by e.,m. forster

Posted by natalie martin ( on 20:31:09 29/11/10

I do not understand the main focus of the essay it is unclear to me.


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