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Posted by Laura (board editor) on 23:10:02 28/10/02

Just a great reading tip (and it would be great if others would post their Forster-related reading tips as well!): 'Forster Country' by Margaret Ashby. This is a wonderful book that explores the relationship of Forster with the house that Howards End (i.e. the house in the novel 'Howards End') was based upon. The area adjacent to the house is now known as 'Forster Country' and makes for a lovely walking space. It's a excellently written book with a lot of interesting information, offering a new view on certain aspects of E. M. Forster. See also the Guest Book for a posting by one of the chairpersons of the Friends of Forster Country.

Reading tips

Posted by Alexandra ( on 16:35:04 31/10/02

There is an interesting article about Forster, his ideas about writing and the novel in general in the April 2002 issue of Modernism/Modernity (issue 9.2). It is by
Jesse Matz and it is entitled
"You Must Join My Dead": E. M. Forster and the Death of the Novel. I think it is even full-text (pdf or html).
If not, the ISSN for the print version of Modernism/Modernity is 1071-6068.
As for the article, I would be interested to see what others have to say. It was certainly illuminating biographically, if a bit depressing for anyone who is himself/herself a writer ...

Modernism/Modernity Essay

Posted by Jesse Matz ( on 16:58:55 18/03/03

Glad to see that Alexandra found my essay interesting! Others can access it online at



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