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the life to come

Posted by Martinus Aris Budi.S ( on 10:16:21 09/10/02

I want your help, because i am a student that will analyse the Forster's short story, the life to come. I need more information and any work analysis about that story.

secondary reading

Posted by Laura (board editor) on 12:31:29 14/10/02

Martinus, you could try for instance the book "E.M. Forster posthumous fiction" by Norman Page (1977) - this is a small but interesting book covering the posthumous stories (including The Life to Come) and 'Maurice'. For a more detailed and more intricate study I can recommend 'Queer Forster' edited by Robert K. Martin and George Piggford (1997), which also includes The Life to Come. Biographies are always a good idea - they usually contain interesting details on an author's work as well. Good luck!

the life to come

Posted by mila ( on :13:28:29 19/05/04

Dear Ms. Laura,
would you like to gives other references, except those 2 books u recommend to Martinus since I also need it for my thesis. thank u


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