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contemporary views

Posted by tabitha ( on 14:53:04 10/09/02

i need to find reviews of "where Angles fear to tread" that were written at the time of its publication

thank you

contemporary views

Posted by Laura (board editor) on 20:23:44 14/09/02

An excellent book for your purpose, containing several contemporary reviews of 'Angels' and other novels, is Philip Gardner's "E. M. Forster: The Critical Heritage". London, Routledge & Paul, 1973. The book is an excellent read, with for instance a shocked response (by a ladies magazine if I recollect this rightly) on "A Room with a View" claiming Lucy to have loose morals. Please let me know if you have trouble obtaining the title at your library or bookshop.

where Angles fear to tread

Posted by Emma ( on 10:40:16 11/11/03

pls send me information about the novell "where Angles fear to tread" thanks and best regards


reveiw on where angles fear to tread

Posted by arif ( on 13:47:21 04/01/04

kindly forward me the reveiw on where angles fear to tread written by e m forster.


Posted by marwa ( on 14:33:24 08/04/07

i want to know about Forster's "Where angles fear to tread"


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