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the machine stops

Posted by ines ( on :16:33:46 14/07/02

Hi, Forster Experts! I teach literature to 15-year-olds to whom English is a second language. I am now dealing with Forster's short story The Machine Stops and I find it extremely difficult to get them involved since they find the story too complicated. Any useful tip or information?
Thanks a lot!!

why did forster write the machine stops?

Posted by fatima jamal ( on :17:25:28 08/08/02

why did e.m. forster write this story?

why did em forster write the machine stops

Posted by Rich ( on 21:55:57 06/09/02

it was in response to a piece written by h.g. well a few years earlier describing the utopian society the technology was going to produce. forsters "rebuttal" was a dystopia produced by technology.


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