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A Passage to India

Posted by Helena ( on :19:32:26 30/06/02

Can anyone help me find the passage about it taking an Englishman two years and an Englishwoman six months to become just like the other Anglo-Indians? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Passage to India

Posted by Ian Whitaker ( on 18:48:45 03/07/02


If you've got the Penguin Classic Paperback - reprinted in 2000 the passage you're looking for is on page 34. In Part I Mosque - Chapter II It's when Aziz is at Hamidullah's with Mahmoud Ali. "They all become exactly the same - not worse, not better. I give any Englishman two years, be he Turton or Burton. It is only the difference of a letter. And I give any Englishwoman six months. All are exactly alike."


Posted by Helena ( on :22:45:04 05/07/02

Thanks Ian, and in my edition it's the same page number, so I did not even have to look up the chapter first.
Btw, thanks for the tip below, it seems interesting, I think I will cross the chanel for one of the performances.


Not a problem!

Posted by Ian Whitaker ( on 18:37:11 01/08/02

Hi Helena,

Glad I could help. It is a truly brilliant novel. I have to admit it was the first time I'd read the book so the lines had stuck in my mind. The characterisation is fabulous, so it should be a real challenge to put the production onto the stage. The novel really suits Shared Experience's style - which tends to give form to the hidden world of our emotions and desire so that you gain real insight and an emotional connection with each character. I think Methuen are looking at publishing the adaptation - but I don't think it will beat the live experience.


Posted by Joe ( on :01:54:22 15/08/04

i cant read this... too small


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