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Forster v. Whitman

Posted by Jonathan M ( on 21:16:23 25/06/02

I am a student doing a paper and was wondering whether anyone has any information on Forster's "A Passage to India" as a response to Whitman's "Passage to India". I need to right a paper on this subject, and I need more information than similarities in the titles! Thanks for help.


Posted by Helena ( on :10:19:53 26/06/02

Hi Jonathan,
See also below at the posting that is called 'The meaning of the title A Passage to India'. I can add to it that Forster did NOT choose the title merely because he liked it (as I say below); that was a factor only. However, he rather thought of it afterwards, so it was rather that he saw after he had finished the novel that there were similarities - it was no response at all!


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