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chaudhuri on APTI

Posted by inez ( on 14:20:21 23/06/02

does anyone know where the indian writer chaudhuri said that 'a passage to india' was about 'a silly englishman and a silly indian'? thanks


Posted by Helena ( on :09:52:37 24/06/02

You might find it in his book 'A Passage to England'?


chaudhuri; found

Posted by Helena ( on :21:43:26 02/07/02

Hi Inez, I just stumbled on what seems to be a reference to what you're looking for (and more likely than the title I first thought it could be, above). There's an essay by Chaudhuri that has language in it that runs along the samelines as your quote. Sujit Mukherjee, in his book 'Forster and Further' states (p. 16) that in this essay Chaudhure offers "what appears today as a calculated mis-reading of the novel [PtI]"
The essay is called "Passage to and from India". You can find it in 'Encounter' (June 1954) and it has been reprinted in: Andrew Rutherford (ed.), 'Twentieth Century Interpretations of "A Passage to India"' (Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1979), pp. 68-77. Good luck!


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