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Role of women

Posted by marijke ( on :21:06:13 11/06/02

Pleas ecan you help me, i am looking for information about the role of women in Forster's time and also about the social and cultural concerns of the time.

Hey Marijke

Posted by Henry ( on :21:08:09 11/06/02

Hey Marijke
i'm guessing you are HOT
my e-mail address is: dan_ohsosexy@***.***[ed.]
if you wanna chat sumtime.

IP address

Posted by Helena ( on :09:43:28 12/06/02

How come the IP address of you two is the same?

role of women (!)

Posted by charlie ( on :18:13:02 16/06/02

Marijke, behave yourself!! Watts would be shocked if you met any dodgy blokes as a result of 'room with a view'! xx

Strange Bloke

Posted by Scudder ( on :23:25:08 16/06/02

dear helena,

you are right. It's just a strange british bloke, once using a demon, another time using a tiscali account. must be a high school kid or a first year. actually not really worth commenting upon.


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