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please answer this question

Posted by lotora ( on 16:36:01 31/05/02

what two e.m forster books were adapted into films by merchant-ivory productions


Posted by Helena ( on :00:52:21 03/06/02

That would be A Room with a View and Howards End


Posted by cenita johnon ( on 20:18:18 05/11/05

please send answer via e-mail soon as possible


Posted by ne ( on :19:47:21 21/02/07

name two e. m. foster novels that were adapted into films by merchang ivory productions

Re: e.m.

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 22:31:55 21/02/07

Can't you find the answer? It just four lines above your post...

scavenger hunt

Posted by letia ( on 15:45:03 12/07/11

i dont know some of the questuis


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