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'Only connect'

Posted by Nico ( on 19:39:32 22/05/02

If anyone needs help, wants to have a chat for pleasure, or wants to discuss seriously some aspects of E.M. Forster - 'only connect' with me.

Thesis on Forster

Posted by Sara Bremermann ( on 19:35:47 25/05/02

Hi Nico,

I am going to write my final thesis on Forster's novels and I am having trouble finding an approach that has not been extensively researched yet. I was thinking of analyzing static and dynamic features in Forster's novels on the basis of the tools Forster proposes himself in the chapter "pattern and rhythm" from "aspects of the novel". However, many similar approaches have already been made...
Do you have any other suggestions? It can really be any topic within Forster's works or extend beyond that to general comparisons to any other author or literary period. I realize this is very vague, but if you have any ideas, please let me know.
Thanks! Sara


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