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howards end

Posted by kate ( on 13:01:25 30/04/02

i need to find out about the social context at the time of the writing of howards end. ie any womens movements or how women were treated?

women's movement

Posted by Helena ( on :15:19:43 02/05/02

Hi Kate,
"Howards End" was first published in 1910 as you probably know. Seven years earlier, in 1903, the suffragette movement (N.B. the militant wing of it) had started campaigning. You could read "The Suffragette Movement" by Sylvia Pankhurst, or a book like "The New Women and the Old Men" (very interesting!), by Ruth Brandon. Also, books about the Victorian/Edwardian period will be of interest. Hope this helps,

About Connections

Posted by Marijane ( on 06:41:33 09/05/02

I am considering the
statement often made
that Howard's End is about
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Thank You

howards' end

Posted by Shelby ( on :13:31:31 11/05/02

I am focusing on this novel of CONNECTION. I need whatever help you can offer.
thank you


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