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A Room with a View: criticisms and comments

Posted by maki ( on :04:58:07 23/09/12


I'm a university student and study about A Room with a Vew by E.M.Forster for my graduation thesis. And I need the criticisms or comments about it. Especially about Miss Bartlett, Charlotte. My teacher doesn't help me at all and I don't know how to find it. So please help me if you know some.
Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Thank you.


A Room with a View: Research at University Level

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 10:17:47 24/09/12

Dear Maki,

As a university student at the close of your studies, you have surely checked your library, JSTOR and the MLA database already. There is neither a point in recommending Judith Scherer Herz's chapter in _The Cambridge Companion to E. M. Forster_.

Could you, therefore, be more specific, please? What kind of information are you after? Do you want to do research about the reception history? What precisely is your focus?

Best wishes,



Posted by maki ( on :02:24:27 05/10/12

Dear Heiko,

Thank you for your kind comments.
I'm really ashamed of myself but I don't know JSTOR and the MLA datebase. Would you tell me what these sand for? This is my first time to search in English books and reports.
I skiped thorugh A Critical Study by Laurence Brander, E.M.Forster:Centenary Revaluations by Judith Scherer Herz and Robert K.Martin, E.N.Forster The Critical Heritage by Philip Gardner, The Achievement of E.M.Forster by J.B.Beer, The Novels of E.M.Forster by James McConkey, E.M.Forster: A Life, E.M.Forster: A Biography, The Fiction of E.M. Forster, Mordern Critical Views E.M. Forster, E.M.Forster by Lionel Trilling, E.M.Forster by Francis King...etc.

No, I'd like to write about the role of Miss Bartlett, Charlotte in the story and what Charlotte represent and what the writer wants to say throught the character, the meaning of "a view" for Charlotte.
Do you know some reports or books or writers that write about such things?

I will really appriciate of any help.
Now I'm in a darkness without a view in this study...



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