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motife of Leaving Home

Posted by Gosia ( on 18:00:15 02/05/10

Do u know in which books I can find information about meaning of England for Forster's characters. What is England for them.

Re: Motive for Leaving Home

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 11:30:02 25/05/10

There are a couple of interesting comparisons of England vs. other countries. E. g. Annegret Horatschek's _Alteritšt und Stereotyp_. Interesting read could also be "Notes on the English Character" by Forster (in _Abinger Harvest_). However, you'll surely find sth. doing an MLA search... (If this is a task below uni level, you'll have to do you're own character analysis... (primary lit: _Passage to India_ and _Howards End_)).


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