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thesis on E.M. Forster

Posted by Vivek Bhardwaj ( on 17:48:24 22/06/09

Hi friends.
I have my dad's work as part of his research thesis on critical analysis of his study of E.M. Forster's duality in ideas and his ability to thrive in conflicts . The study includes varying aspects like religion, political inclinations, morality, democracy, homosexuality, personal conficts, etc.
I want to know if all/any of this could be published as a form of a book/research papers that could highlight his work and also be financially rewarding.
His thesis is old(1982) and I can't find his supervisors etc for any guidance.
Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Re:Thesis on Forster

Posted by Heiko ( on 18:10:48 22/06/09

Dear Vivek,

Don't think there is a financially rewarding option to publish the thesis or excerpts therefrom. In the field, you always have to pay to have things published (in almost all cases).

1982 is rather old and would neglect more recent research. Additionally, there have been methodological developments in the last couple of years. Also, Forster is not really en vogue these days.

However, it could be a worthwhile reading for Forsterites (there are some Forster scholars out there (not more than 50, I would guess)).

I would publish it online somewhere if this did not involve too much trouble.

Best wishes,


English literature/Novel/criticism

Posted by Zaheem Ud-din ( on 09:32:51 17/12/10

I need to see the thesis attempted on E.M Forster. Thanks

need of sources

Posted by joe ( on 10:06:33 25/05/12

dear friend i am doing my thesis on em forster and so i need some secondary sources and i have been collecting it one by one. your fathers thesis would help me to get some additional information.


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