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EM Forster's addresses in Cambridge

Posted by Gareth Ireland ( on 00:35:33 29/11/06

I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. Where did EM Forster live in Cambridge?

I know he lived in Market Square, then Trumpington Street and finally KIng's but what were his exact addresses?


Gareth Ireland

Re: Forster's Addresses in Cambridge

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 00:40:56 29/11/06

Dear Gareth,

Honestly, I have no idea. But you can surely ask at the King's College. They know everything! (Also the tourist information.)

Do you want to visit those places?

Best wishes


Forster's addresses in Cambridge

Posted by Gareth Ireland ( on :03:33:45 29/11/06

Thanks for getting back to me.

I hope to go to Cambridge this Christmas. I'm going to do a small EM Forster tour.

I'll tell you how I get on.



Forster's Cambridge addressesad1a

Posted by Jason Finch ( on 23:43:43 29/11/06

the details are in Furbank and Beauman's two biographies.

His first room in Cambridge no longer exists (it was over the road from King's above what is now either a photography shop or a newsagent's).

Then he lived at (I think, from memory) W12 or something in the Bldley building at the back of the College overlooking the river. This is the room featured in the first chapter of _The Longest Journey_.

After moving back to Cambirdge in 1946 he first lived at 3 Trumpington Street which I think is no longer owned by the College.

Then from 1953 or so until his death he lived in the rooms which are now the College's graduate common room, on the ground floor of the Wilkins building, immediately to your left on the main quad.

All the facts and figures in this message are from my head so apologies if there are errors here.


Jason Finch
Turku, Finland


Posted by Gareth Ireland ( on :10:25:32 19/12/08

Hi Heiko

Thanks again for your help - I toured Cambridge looking for E M Forster sites.





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