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reviews on Maurice

Posted by anneli ( on :10:27:51 26/01/06

I just wanted tho know how "Maurice" was recieved by critics and audience when it finally was published after EM Forsters death. The (very good) biography of EMF by Furbank didnt say anything about this.

the curates friend

Posted by rebeca ( on 18:27:03 08/02/06

I need something about the story "he curate's friend", I'm a spanish girl, so please, not much complicated!
Thanks a lot

reviews of maurice

Posted by Alexandra ( on :18:07:58 10/02/06

Hi Anneli,

I found a review of Maurice in The Nation (magazine) from November 29, 1971.

You should be able to find the magazine in your local or school library, in paper format of course. Online content won't go that far back.

The library where I am a reference librarian also has this issue - let me know via e-mail (ayrrow AT if you have further questions.


Posted by Alexandra ( on :18:08:34 10/02/06

my email is:

ayarrow AT

reviews of Maurice

Posted by YunWei Hu ( on 11:06:47 27/07/14

Hi Alexandra,

I'm a graduate student from China, and I really want a look of the article you mentioned in the magazine. I want to wrote an email to you but your email address is not valid any more.


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