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social change in Howards End

Posted by kat ( on :21:37:39 28/04/05

Hi, i'm researching an essay on the social change in Howards End, especially in relation to how the characters represent this. Was just wondering if anyone knew of some good internet sources related to this as i'm struggling a bit. Thanks

Edwardian society

Posted by Alexandra ( on :00:03:57 30/04/05

There is a good article here from Encarta available free online (URL provided below) that should provide you with some introductory help with respect to social change in Edwardian Britain. Otherwise, if you have access to academic resources (i.e. a university library with online subscriptions) I'm sure you should be able to find lots of articles about Edwardian society, the pre-WW1 period, and Forster's novels.


Posted by Alexandra ( on :00:04:23 30/04/05


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