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The Helping Hand by E.M. Forster

Posted by jessica stevens ( on 18:41:49 06/04/05

I read the story twice and still didnt really undrestood it

my point of view:

the story is about Lady Ansteys who plagiarized, she mr.Hendersons a close friend of her ideas and made a book out of but later on mr.henderson finds out his idase are all wrong

whats your point of view


Posted by Laura (board editor) on 16:32:59 26/01/06

One of the main themes seems to be social comedy as well: there is so much irony in the fact that JUST when Mrs Henderson decided to meddle and to make her husband's ideas having been plagiarized by Lady A., public, Mr Henderson found out that he had been wrong and thought he had a sweet revenge at Lady A. who would now be publicly denounced for her 'mistakes'. Instead, his wife decision - of course intended to have his talents and ideas acknowledged - would now make him the target of criticism. It's a great unexpected ironic twist.


Posted by christins ( on 18:25:54 08/11/09

hey ..... im christina ..... ive got this story in my english reader .... can you send me the summary for it ... coz i read the story and cant understand it .... hoping you would send it to me


Posted by Lalitha ( on :15:17:57 10/12/09

hey christina ...i've also got this story in my english reader. iam searching for a good summary.hoping u would send it to me if u get it .


Posted by bebo ( on :08:23:27 27/10/11

i've got this story in my english reader too..can someone pls send me the gist of this story..i understood it but did not get the message of this story.


Posted by ZSH ( on :16:40:43 11/03/13

neither b a lender nor a borrower..


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