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Help! Need an essay.....

Posted by Researcher ( on 17:26:39 23/02/05

Does anyone have the following essay at home (copy) or on the computer?

Lavin, Audrey A.P. Aspects of the Novelist : E.M. Forster's Pattern and Rhythm (American University Studies. Series IV, English Language and Literature, Vol 151). Peter Lang Publishing, 1995.

I really need this one and can think of no way to get it as quickly as possible :-)

Would be nice to get some help!!


Audrey A. P. Lavin, _Aspects of the Novelist: E. M. Forster's Pattern and Rhythm_

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 10:39:53 01/03/05

Hallo Chris,

the text is about 150 pages. I cannot think of a way to get it except by using your local library (or the inter loan). I browsed the standard full text archives but couldn't find it. It is just too big for them.

Anyway, viel Glück dabei



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