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Class systems within Howards End

Posted by Libby Daker ( on 13:34:51 21/10/04

I am looking for some good critics responses for class and status within Howards End. I am wanting to concentrate on the contrast between Leonard and the Schlegels with the Wilcoxes being the middle family. Also I would like other opinions on the Schlegels being open thinkers. Any ideas? Thank you

Schlegelism and Wilcoxism

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 09:58:08 05/11/04

Colmer, John. &#8220;Howards End Revisited.&#8221; _A Garland for E. M. Forster_. Ed. H. H. Anniah Gowda. Mysore: Literary Half-Yearly, 1969. 9-22.

Winkgens, Meinhard. &#8220;Die Funktionalisierung des Deutschlandbildes und seiner Konnotation einer idealistischen Kultur in E. M. Forsters Howards End.&#8221; _Images of Germany_. Ed. Hans-Jürgen Diller et al. Anglistik und Englischunterricht 29/30. Heidelberg: Winter, 1986. 113-142.

Maybe you can also find sth. in Horatschek's _Alterität und Stereotyp_ but this is actually about Forster's international novels. However, I think the function of othering is quite common among his novels--be it HE or WAFT, RV or PI.

I can really recommend Winkgens, so have a look if you can understand German.

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