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essay titles

Posted by greg john ( on 11:04:38 17/10/04

please, can anyone give me the titles of forsters essays.

Forster's Essays

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 22:24:29 17/10/04

Dear Greg,

This is not too easy a thing to do.

B. J. Kirkpatrick lists more than 500 writings (most of them uncollected), minus letters and minor stuff: about 300 writings, most of them essays.

The collected can be found mainly in _Two Cheers for Democracy_ and _Abinger Harvest_.

Are you looking for something specific?

Best wishes,


Forster's me, them and you

Posted by Rino Manarin ( on 21:02:09 26/01/13

I need some help to write an evaluation essay on ME, Them and You

Re: Forster's "Me, Them and You"

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 20:44:05 01/02/13

Dear Rino,

Can you please specify your question?




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