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Me, Them, and You

Posted by Julie ( on :19:33:00 16/10/04

I need help. Could someone please tell me about the essay found in E.M. forster's "Abinger Harevst" titled "Me, Them, and You." I would like to know the purpose of the story, tone, diction, symbolism, irony, thesis and things like that. Thankyou!


Posted by jason ( on 22:40:06 23/09/06

evaluation of me, them and you

what is story about

Posted by samuel ( on 21:38:35 31/10/06

im writting an essay and i need a quick summary on it

im so confused!!

Posted by Bee ( on 04:48:58 08/09/07

i read the essay me, them and you and i got so confused...
the message julie posted is basically what i need too please^^

ironic how people need help for a 1-2 page essay!

Posted by surprised-by-the-irony ( on :21:05:11 03/12/08

For those who aren't going to cheat on essays, assignment or papers and are also irony blind, you might find Wayne C. Booth's book "The Rhetoric of Irony" and the books he references useful in understanding some aspects of irony. It is suprising that someone needs a summary of an essay that is at most 2 pages long!

Booth's book is also useful for the reader of novels who wants a broader understanding of the varieties, uses and techniques of irony.


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