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Pessimist and Optimist ending

Posted by Laura (board editor) on 12:13:05 05/10/04

Hi there,

Could anyone help me finding a Forster quote? It must be in Aspects of the Novel I believe, but I'm unable to locate it. It is about a pessimist choosing death as the means to end a novel, an optimist marriage. I can only find something like "If it was not for death and marriage I do not know how the average novelist would conclude" but nothing connecting these two possibilities with an optimist/pessimist outlook. Does anyone know where to find this quote - I'm beginning to doubt now if it was Forster's at all...

Many thanks, Laura

bit of it

Posted by zahney ( on :11:32:29 19/11/04

"Any strong emotion brings with it the illusion of permanence, and the novelists have seized upon this. They usually end their books with marriage, and we do not object because we lend them our dreams."

Must be a bit of it?


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