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forster's address in alexandria

Posted by kevin ( on :11:54:19 23/05/04

Does anyone know ehere Forster stayed when he lived in Alex?


Posted by Laura (board editor) on 16:40:46 11/06/04

Hi Kevin,

Quite probably in Red Cross Quarters, as he worked for them. I believe it was an apartment or flat of some sort, that he had the use of. If I can find something more I will post it here.

Best wishes, Laura

When in Alexandria....

Posted by Alexandra ( on 02:10:21 05/07/04


From what I was able to find, Forster stayed first with the historian (and fellow Red Cross "searcher") D. A. Wistanley at a hotel, as he was expected to find his own lodgings. This is according to p. 22 of according to Furbank's E. M. Forster: A Life, he. Shortly thereafter, he became friends with an American by the name of Ada/Aida Borchgrevink, who, "hearing that he was in uncomfortable lodgings, found him a flat with a former maid of hers, an Italian-speaking Greek named Irene" (p 25 of same). Not that this helps in terms of location, but it's a start. This might jog someone else's memory.....
Some of his letters from the period (in Selected Letters of ..." edited by Lago and Furbank) are addressed from somewhere by the name of "Cercle Mohammed Aly" in Alexandria but I have no idea where that is or if it has any relevance.


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