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The Celestial Omnibus

Posted by Jack ( on 04:05:37 11/05/04

I HAVE TO WR... [h.z.: Mind your manners, please; don't shout in here.] ...NKS A LOT

English Literature

Posted by Alicia ( on :01:18:47 27/04/05

can you help me?

I'm lost. Need help ASAP!

Posted by Aline ( on 00:50:26 18/06/05

Can anyone help me with this short story?
How can I can make relations between the other literary figures cited and the story?
What about the latin quote and that thing wrote in greek?

I'll really appreciate any help.

Help with line!!

Posted by Aline ( on 02:59:19 19/06/05

"Diddums! Diddums! Diddums think he'd walky-palky up to Evvink!"
What does it mean?


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