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Bob Buckingham

Posted by Silver ( on 16:10:50 05/04/04

Does anyone have any information on Bob Buckingham? Where and when was he born? Where and when did he die? Who was his family? And so on....


Bob Buckingham

Posted by Alexandra ( on :19:58:13 03/05/04

There is actually a play about the relationship between Buckingham and Forster. It is called Shepherd’s Bush and info about it can be found at the Only Connect website at:

Other info on the web:


Although Forster's affair with the tram conductor Mohammed el Adl was to end sadly, with Mohammed's premature death in 1922, Forster cemented a long-lasting relationship with a good-looking and intelligent police constable named Bob Buckingham in 1930. Their relationship survived even Bob's marriage in 1932 and continued until Forster's death at Coventry in the Buckinghams' home in 1970.

E.M. Forster & Bob Buckingham

Posted by Peter Forster ( on 18:03:56 29/05/08

I too would like to know something about Bob Buckingham.
When I was young my mother took me aside, made sure that nobody was in ear-shot and muttered darkly "You have an uncle who is a novelist." – rather as she might have said "You have an uncle who exposes himself to nuns on Victoria Station." It was such a fearful family secret that I dared no ask more. I did cycle frequently to Cambridge and thought of knocking on Uncle Morgan's door at Kings, but reasoned that the very last thing he would want to see was a teenage nephew in tight cycling shorts.
Peter Forster

Bob Buckingham

Posted by ajsmith ( on 04:02:40 19/05/10

a new book about Forster, Wendy Moffat, "A Great Unrecorded Life" is just out. It has a lot on BB, and some pics too. Hope you enjoy it, as I did!

Re: Wendy Moffat's _A Great Unrecorded Life_

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 11:42:43 25/05/10

@ajsmith: Are you affiliated with the publisher by any chance? I contacted Farrar, Straus and Giroux about a review copy but haven't received any reply yet...

I doubt that there is anything new and interesting in the book, but like to be convinced by the opposite. Why should Bob Buckingham be relevant for the reading of Forster's works, anyway?


Posted by Gregory Wazowicz ( on :16:49:40 25/05/10

Wendy Moffat has asked me to get in touch with you. Please respond to me at

Re: A Great Unrecorded History: A New Life of E. M. Forster

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 17:54:37 25/05/10

Thanks for getting in touch... Very best /Heiko


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