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plzzzzzzz somebody help me out !!

Posted by Khadeeja ( on 14:53:50 30/03/04

Many salaaamz everybody :)
Actually i'm working on a research about the theme of relationship in Forster's "A passage to India". Does anyone know where i can find something about that ??
I'll be thankfull . byez .

Help me too!

Posted by Cori ( on 22:09:43 30/03/04

I as well am working on a paper for my english lit class on "A Passage to India" If someone could help me out and give me some good links to look at to help me in my in depth understanding of "A Passage to India." Thank You, Cori

seeking help

Posted by Adel ( on 06:44:13 10/03/06

Hi everbody ,
I'm Adel . I'm doing a phd on e.m.forstern from a sociolinguistic point of view .
Can anyone help ?


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