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letters to Forster

Posted by William Failing ( on 00:27:27 16/02/04

My two Aunts: Henrietta Faiiling and Emma Latta were friendly (met crossing the Atlantic c.1920's) and carried on a correspondence with EMF. We can't find his letters here; do the letters from my Aunts exist among his papers?
Any information appreciated.


Posted by Laura (board editor) on 14:42:13 16/02/04

Hi William,

The names of your aunts are not in the Calendar of the Letters of E.M. Forster (compiled by Mary Lago - London and New York: Mansell, 1985). This means that his letters to your aunts at least, were not found in libraries, public collections, booksellers collections etc.

Forster's papers are kept in the Modern Archives, in King's College (Cambridge, U.K.). You might want to contact the Archivist to ask if any letters of your aunts are in their collection (The E.M. Forster Papers). To access some of the info online you can follow this link:

The E.M. Forster papers are quite extensive and very interesting! They have for instance a lot of manuscript copies of novels etc. - it makes for very inspiring research.

Good luck, please let us know here if you found something more,

P.S. Heiko if you read this: I will email you later today!


Posted by Laura (board editor) on 14:43:48 16/02/04

P.S. William, I forgot to ask: it must be so interesting to have your aunts meet with E.M. Forster and even staying in touch with him. Did they tell you a lot about it? What did they like most about him?


Posted by To Laura: ( on 08:02:07 27/03/05

This is diaappointing---one of the two aunts burned all her cache of letters---I suspect that the baby and the bathwater went together---somethings that she didn't want passed on, co-mingled with those items. WIth EMF, where there should have been nothing to hide, it all went out with the rest. The other Aunt, that is still possible. SO, nothing to add to the pile.
Thanks for responding.


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