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charlotte's unpredictablity

Posted by daman ( on :19:00:26 01/11/03

I'm not sure about the exact words of a quote or what page to find it. It goes something like "You never knew which way Charlotte Bartlett would turna" " and its spoken by Mrs Honeychurch
if anyone could help me I'd be very grateful


Posted by Laura (board editor) on 10:52:31 02/11/03

Hi Daman,

Having done a Boolean search in one of the E-texts Heiko has listed (see under "Links" in the menu on the left, in which it can be found in the lower part of the page) - of course the E-text 'A Room with a View' - I think your quote has come up. No page is given here, but it does state that it's in the first part of the novel and moreover, in the chapter called "Possibilities of a pleasant outing". Hope this helps! Please find the info that came up from the search below:

"Part 1
Possibilities of a Pleasant Outing"
It was a family saying that "you never knew which way Charlotte Bartlett would turn." She was perfectly pleasant and sensible over Lucy's adventure, found the abridged account of it quite adequate, and paid suitable tribute to the courtesy of Mr. George Emerson. She and Miss Lavish had had an adventure also. They had been stopped at the Dazio coming back, and the young officials there, who seemed impudent and desoeuvre, had tried to search their reticules for provisions. It might have been most unpleasant. Fortunately Miss Lavish was a match for any one. "


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