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Help me find a quote!

Posted by Katie Davis ( on 05:34:57 02/10/03

I am doing a research paper on "A Room With A View." There is a specific quote that I NEED desparately. The qoute is Lucy comparing Mr. Emerson and Mr. Beebe's religion. The only difference is that Mr. Emerson's view accepts passion. That is the general gist of the quote. If anyone could give me that direct quote, I would love them forever! Thank you so much!

Quote on Mr Emerson's and Mr Beebe's religion

Posted by David G. ( on 17:29:40 03/10/03

Hi Katie ! I think I found your quote. It's in chapter 19. Here is the whole paragraph with the quote in it :

"She looked at the books again -- black, brown, and that acrid theological blue. They surrounded the visitors on every side; they were piled on the tables, they pressed against the very ceiling. To Lucy -- who could not see that Mr. Emerson was profoundly religious, and differed from Mr. Beebe chiefly by his acknowledgment of passion -- it seemed dreadful that the old man should crawl into such a sanctum, when he was unhappy, and be dependent on the bounty of a clergyman."

I hope it will help you. Just wish me luck : I have a big exam on Forster this coming Monday !

Take care!
David (Switzerland)


Posted by Katie ( on :01:30:06 13/10/03

Thank you so much! I was going crazy. I hope you did well on your exam! Have a great day.


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