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help--Celestial Omnibus

Posted by holly ( on 22:21:10 23/07/03

what is the relationship between the bus ride and the reading in the celestial omnibus? what are the similarities between reading and taking an adventure or trip?
How does the boys attitude toward adventure differ from mr.bons? how does this attitude relate to reading?

your post

Posted by gideon ( on :18:55:11 14/01/04

american school i presume?

American School HELP!

Posted by Lisa ( on 17:40:19 05/03/04

Does anyone know about the last 3 Exam's??? This one w/ the Celsetial crap and the one after about the book Wuthering Heights. Please help!!


yo lisa

Posted by laurellz ( on :06:16:26 19/01/05

hey lisa, try getting sparknotes for wuthering heights. makes it TONS easier. the sparknotes are a lot easier to read then that hefty book.


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