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EM Forster Belfast Connection

Posted by Dino ( on 17:59:41 25/05/03

Am researching and have heard that there is some family connection between E M Forster and Belfast, specifically Forster Green Hospital. Can anyone give me any more information on this? Thanks

Forster Green

Posted by Dave ( on :22:15:03 20/10/03

Forster Green hospital is named after Mr Forster Green, who financed its building due to some bad family experience with Tuberculosis. He was a tea merchant, probably around 1850 - 1900. It as still possible to buy Forster Green tea in Northern Ireland in the 1960s, now .. I don't know.

Forster in Belfast

Posted by Bill Mc Cormack ( on 12:42:08 07/07/11

When EMF unveiled a plaque to Forrest Reid in October 1952, a Mr Gotto greatly entertained the table at lunch.

Who was Mr Gotto?


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