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Please Help! Style...

Posted by k.p. ( on :03:57:23 14/05/03

I need 3 passages from A Passage to India that show Forster's style! Can someone please gimme some links or SOMETHING?! Thanks much


Posted by sylph ( on :13:52:08 16/02/04

pleas I need something about forster:
-his character,style,somebooks,and information about his life............thanks


Posted by Heiko (editor) on 14:19:17 16/02/04

P. N. Furbank, _E.M. Forster : A Life_ (London: Secker and Warburg, 1977).
(everything about his life)

J.H. Stape, _E.M. Forster_ (Macmillan Press, 1992).
(recollections of college associates, close friends, chance acquaintances and fellow writers)

You should have a look into some bibliography (e.g. the one given in the link). As a start you should also look into some 'Literary Sourcebook' (Palgrave) or some 'Notes'.

style of E.M. Forster

Posted by nelly anne cano ( on 06:39:25 26/08/05

pls send to my email some information about E.M. Forster's style of writing.....


Posted by nelly anne cano ( on 06:41:04 26/08/05

pls people...i badly need it this monday for my report in class.....pls

Re: pls!

Posted by Al ( on :11:09:24 26/08/05

Then you'd better start reading Forster now ;-)


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