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Forster essay: Why I never go to concerts.

Posted by Chris ( on :01:43:59 25/04/03

I believe Forster wrote an essay either with this title or alluding to it in some way. Can anyone tell me where I might find it?
Many thanks

Not listening to music

Posted by Laura (board editor) on 12:10:08 25/04/03

Hi Chris,

The most likely candidate seems to be 'Not listening to music'. You can find it in "Two Cheers for Democrocay". This book comprises of a compilation some of Forster's essays, texts of radio talks etc. It was first published in 1951 but there have been numerous reprints!



Posted by Laura (board editor) on 12:21:45 25/04/03

Sorry Chris for the typos. The most important one is of course in the mysterious booktitle. I wouldn't even know how to pronounce this. Stating the obvious: it's of course 'Democracy'.

Thanks Laura

Posted by Chris ( on :22:43:52 26/04/03

Thanks Laura. I'll look it up. The upshot of 'Why I never go to concerts' is (apparently), ....because they're full of ugly people (!). As a concert goer, the thought amuses me. Thanks again. Chris

Not Listening To Music

Posted by Kimberly ( on 04:56:43 19/09/03

Iam having a hard time finding exactly when this essay was written.

Not Listening to Music

Posted by Heiko (editor) on 12:18:09 23/09/03

It was written in 1939. That's at least what's given in the 1965 Penguin edition of _Two Cheers for Democracy_.

Not Listening to Music

Posted by steve in ny ( on :07:45:43 02/04/05

forster liked these 'turnaround' notions. in 'two cheers,' there is also an essay about books that had influenced him -- negatively.

me them and you

Posted by dreameyes ( on :00:20:13 24/09/06

does anybody know when and where the essay'me tham and you" was published?
thank you


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