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Society in A Room with a View

Posted by Liz ( on :13:41:07 19/03/03

i'm doing a research paper on the sociological standings of the women in A Room with a View and so far...NOTHING!!!
if anyone has some hints or ideas that they would be willing to share, i would greatly appreciate it.


Posted by Diana ( on :21:12:53 13/04/03

wow i posted something on here but it didn't pop up

here it is

Posted by Diana ( on :21:17:12 13/04/03

Hope it's not too late... don't know what happened to the other posting but here it is again. For my paper which was partly women's roles in society I used quotes on pages 38-39 and 148-149. Also if youre still having trouble check out this website:
and search up "women." It will give u the page numbers in the book that this theme is discussed. :o) Good Luck!


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