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translator's query re: "Maurice"

Posted by Tone Formo ( on 22:29:41 12/12/02

My Penguin ed. of Maurice, ch.6, p. 39, goes:
"They argued a little about Sophocles, then in low water Durham said it was a pose in 'us undergraduates' to ignore him and advised Fetherstonhaugh to re-read the Ajax with his eye on the characters rather than the author -" To me, this sentence makes sense only with a comma or full stop after "then in low water". Does anyone have another interpretation? Presently translating Maurice into Norwegian, and very grateful for a solution to this puzzle! Regards, Mrs. T. Formo

Good news

Posted by Laura (board editor) on 11:28:13 18/12/02

Dear mrs. Formo,

There's good news for you. You are right; apparently it should be a full stop. I first checked my Penguin, which was just as you said, but then I looked it up in the Abinger edition I happened to have borrowed from the library. This is the edition of 1999, edited by Philip Gardner (published by Deutsch, from London). Gardner used the original manuscripts and all published editions to edit the final version. And, you guessed it: this edition has a full stop after 'in low water'.

Best wishes, Laura


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