Source: Zimmermann, Heiko, ed.  Aspects of E.M. Forster.  1 Mar. 2000 - 18 Feb. 2019. 18 Feb. 2019 <>.

The Life to Come and Other Stories


The Life to Come and Other Stories, first published by Edward Arnold 1972, contains stories, which were written between 19o3 and 1958. Only two of them appeared in print before the author's death: "Albergo Empedocle", which was published in Temple Bar in 19o3, and "Three Courses and a Dessert", which was spread over the four issues of Wine and Food in 1944. Following the editor, the texts can be classified as Forster's extant stories which did not appear as part of neither The Celestial Omnibus (1911) nor The Eternal Moment (1928).


bullet Ansell (1902-3)

bullet Albergo Empedocle (1903)

bullet The Purple Envelope (1903-5)

bullet The Helping Hand (1904)

bullet The Rock (1906)

bullet The Life to Come (1922)

bullet Dr Woolacott (1927)

bullet Arthur Snatchfold (1928)

bullet The Obelisk (1939)

bullet What Does It Matter? A Morality (1930s)

bullet The Classical Annex (1930-31)

bullet The Torque (before 1958)

bullet The Other Boat (1957-8)

bullet Three Courses and a Dessert: Being a New and Gastronomic Version of the Old Game of Consequences (1944)


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