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Other Kingdom


"Other Kingdom" is a short story, which was first published in The English Review 1909 and later that year in The Living Age. 1911 it was included in The Celestial Omnibus and in 1947 in Collected Short Stories.


"Other Kingdom" contains a short but highly complex story. Please refer to the marvelous article by Prof. Frederick Williams for an in depth analysis of "Other Kingdom" in the context of Hellenic tradition.


Image: Cover of Other Kingdom.

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"Other Kingdom"

bullet Essay: Frederick Williams, "Daphne transformed: Parthenius, Ovid, and E.M. Forster," Hermathena (Trinity College, Dublin), 166 (1999): 45-62 (to be viewed with Adobe's Acrobat Reader).

"The Road from Colonus"

bullet Criticism: "This is an external link, which will be opened in a separate window.The Road from Colonus." Ed. Catherine Belling. Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database. New York U. 29 Nov. 2000.

"The Machine Stops"

bullet E-text: "The Machine Stops" (Free, unabridged).


bullet Collected Short Stories at or Selected Stories at

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